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Homeopathy is a very scientific and wholistic medical system where patients are considered as a whole , his physical illness , mental disturbance and every single things which triggers him are taken into consideration for curative purpose. It is based on simile similibus curanter principle. It is a second most evolving medical science in the world.We are glad to be a homeopathic doctors, because every healing brings blessing to us. To be a real homeopath is a great challenge to ourself because a doctor can heal or cure his patient as deeper as he has healed himself.


DR PRADEEP KUSHWAHA has received "THE BEST STUDENT OF CENTURY AWARD (1920 TO 2019) BY HOME MINISTER OF GUJARAT IN 2020 FOR HIS EXCELLENCE WORK IN MEDICAL FIELD. He is the youngest homeopath of India who has created such a big homeopathic infrastructure and high tech management system single handed. After completing bachelor in homeopathy, he has done M.D. in medicine then M.D. in alternative medicine and post graduation in homeopathy from LONDON. He has invented his own method of curing patients holistically, scientifically with easy approach where not only patient’s health get better but his life changes positively. He is doing research in many life threatening diseases like cancer, coma, organ failure cases and death bed cases. Thousands of patients across the world has been cured. He believes that if disease can take a shape and destroy human life then health can also take its own shape and construct human life and we are here to provide that constructive health in you through modern homeopathy.


Active since 2011, with all advance technology , management system and many research based ideas for curing all impossible cases. We have a world class Research Based Scientific Treatment Module with High Tech patient management system for each Incurable, Hopeless, Organ Failure & Death bed cases. It is the biggest Homeopathic Centre of Ahmedabad where we see highest number of patients of our city. This is the first digital medical centre of GUJARAT. To improve the quality of health and quality of life in every single person is the motto of this centre. Soon , we are going to connect with all most every country in the world along with qualitative team of homeopaths across the world so that it can be so easy to cure our patient from every corner of the world. It is not only a treatment centre but also a research centre where every day new medicines are being invented for varieties of incurable diseases and also for providing better quality of health. To improve the quality of health and quality of life in every single person is the motto of this centre and is also our soul responsibility.  Patient's health is everything for us.

Most medicines are from Helios homeopathic pharmacy –London. (High Quality Medicines)
Time saving management system.
Team of well qualified doctors to assist you 24 hours.

Medicine Courier facility for the patient anywhere in India.
Delivery boy for local patient for delivering medicines at home.
Lab investigation.
Counselling Centre.
Diet planner for each disease.

Application on play store with the name  "Brahm homeopathy homeopathy" or "dr pradeep kushwaha"

Treatment Module Include
Proper treatment plan for your illness under supervision of well Qualified Doctors.
Proper diet plan.
Thorough Investigation.
Physical Exercise guideline if needed.
Guide line of All Other Factors that can promote your state of Health Which we have created from our Research.

Life style correction if needed.
Proper Follow up till you get cured.


Expert doctors

Team of well qualified expert doctors, available 24/7 for all patients. These doctors have precise knowledge of each diseases along with care taking attitude towards their patients. We listen to our patients very carefully, understand their disease, diagnose their disease and make a perfect treatment plan for all patients so that we can provide the best treatment available through homeopathy.

Time saving management system

We have a huge number of patients across the world with successful cure which makes us distinctive among other homeopaths. For time saving management of all these patients we have our own technical software support along with sufficient manpower and well qualified team of doctors. These togethers provides the best time saving management system for all patients.

Diet planer for each disease

Foods have a great role in keeping person healthy. We have diet plans for all diseases which are approved by our doctors from research. Once you join Brahm homeopathic healing and research centre, our team will give you all guide line regarding your diet plans. When you start following this plan, it will help you to recover faster from your disease and keep you always healthy.


Medicines we are using are brought from helios homeopathic pharmacy - LONDON. This medicines are highly effective. Brahm homeopathy provides fast delivery of medicine through courier for out station patients and home delivery boy for local patients who can not come to clinic because of distance and other reasons. This will help you to continue medicines and complete the course of treatment plan made by our doctors so that you can be healthy.




I am suffering from stomach pain

I have this problem from 4years. after taking homeopathy medicine I will cured

Mr. Narendra singh

Rajasthan , India

pancreatitis cured with homeopath

i am Narendra singh from rajasthan , I was suffering pancreatitis problem from last 5Years. and i was admitted 3 times in big hospital, from youtube i found Dr Pradeep kushwaha and started medicine from Brahm. in 1month i cured 80%. i am very thank full to dr. pradeep kushwaha. more thing i said in video which is below linked. Click here for my Review

Mr. K. Patel



I was suffering from HIV. I was also suffering from many health issues like IBS, Recurrent respiratory throat infection and weight loss. My relative advice me for BRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE, I started my treatment at BRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE, now my CD4 Counts are completely normal. My IBS, respiratory throat infection are also alright. My weight has gained now, I am feeling again healthy as I before. I thought I would die soon but BRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE has give me new life, I am still on BRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE treatment I am thankful to DR PRADEEP KUSHWAHA for giving my life back.

Ankylosis spondylosis cured case "Mangilalbhai Suthar"

Vadodara, Gujarat

Ankylosis spondylosis cured case

I was suffering from Ankylosis spondylosis neck and back. My whole spine was very painful and rigid. I visited to many doctors, they said there is no cure for this condition. One of my relative advised forBRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE. I started my treatment at BRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE, gradually I started feeling better in my pain and rigidity and after the treatment of 2 years, now, and I am completely alright. I can say now from my experience that BRAHM HOMEOPATHIC HEALING AND RESAERCH CENTRE’s have best treatment for all types of bones problems.


Opening Hours of Medicinal


  • Monday
    9 am – 2 pm & 5pm - 10pm
  • Tuesday
    9 am – 2 pm & 5pm - 10pm
  • Wednesday
    9 am – 2 pm & 5pm - 10pm
  • Thrusday
    9 am – 2 pm & 5pm - 10pm
  • Friday
    9 am – 2 pm & 5pm - 10pm
  • Saturday
    9 am – 2 pm & 5pm - 10pm
  • Sunday

2 PM to 5 PM Lunch time.


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